Mission Organized E-Kachehri to Facilitate Pakistanis in Consular Matters

The Mission organized an E-Kachehri to reach out to the Pakistanis residing in India and resolve their consular services-related issues. Mr Aizaz Khan, Charge d’Affaires, along with the Mission’s officers and officials dealing with the consular services, listened to various queries of the participants.

The C d’A gave a brief account of progress made on the queries recorded during the last E-Kachehri held in June 2023. Subsequently, he directly responded to various inquiries by the participants and resolved their issues right away. In cases where time was required to complete the due procedures, concerned officials were tasked to follow up and update the applicants on the progress.

Mission organizes E-Kachehri on a regular basis to electronically reach out to Pakistani nationals and address their queries. In line with the vision and policy of the Government of Pakistan, providing quality consular services remains one of the top priorities of the Mission.

New Delhi
27 September 2023