Requirements for Student Visa

Filled-in Student Visa Application Form (Please click to download) with passport size photo pasted on it and complete in all respects.

4 x copies of Visa Information Form (Please click to download) for Singly Entry, providing all required details including information on each place to be visited and photo pasted on each Form. Two Forms for each additional Entry are required.

Note: Visa cannot be processed if required information in the Visa Forms is not provided and they are not complete in all respects.

Passport must be valid for the duration of visa applied (for long-term visits) or at least six months (for short visits) on the date of application.

Copy of the PAN Card/Voter ID/Student ID along with English translation clearly indicating the address.

Note: Student visas cannot be issued by the High Commission without receiving approval from the Ministry of Interior in advance. The Student visa is processed by the host/sponsor educational institution with the Ministry of Interior, Islamabad. While submitting the visa application, prior approval from the Ministry of Interior may be provided.

In case of student exchange, copy of MoU and letter from Heads of two institutions giving details of the program along with undertaking to fund it.

Letter of Admission of the educational institution concerned in Pakistan.

Sponsorship Letter or evidence of adequate financial standing to support the academic/living expenses in Pakistan during the course of study (bank statement).

Deposit/credit slip for the applicable visa fee (Rs. 120/- per entry for Indian citizens) credited to RBL Bank, Vasant Vihar Branch, New Delhi, IFSC Code: RATN0000182, A/C No. 409000494121 in the name of High Commission for Pakistan, New Delhi. The fee could also be paid by credit/debit card at the High Commission, New Delhi (an Additional 3% to be charged on account of Bank processing charges).