HC Sohail Mahmood visits Rouza(Mujadid Alf-e-Sani)

High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood visits Rouza Sharif in Sirhind; meets Pakistani Zaireen High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood visited Sirhind Sharif to pay respects at the Shrine of Sheikh Ahmed Farooqi Sirhindi (Mujadid Alf-e-Sani) in the Indian State of Punjab. This year, 84 Pakistani Zaireen (pilgrims) are visiting Sirhind to participate in the annual Urs celebrations. The High Commissioner was welcomed by sajjada nasheen Khalifa Syed Mohammad Sadiq Raza, other trustees, and members of local administration. The Pakistani Zaireen, accompanied by the High Commissioner, laid the traditional Chaddar at Rouza Sharif and offered dua. Later, the High Commissioner held an interactive session with Pakistani Zaireen, who shared their observations and suggestions. The Zaireen also thanked the Pakistan Government and staff of the High Commission for facilitating their visit. High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood availed of the opportunity to thank Khalifa Syed Mohammad Sadiq Raza and all others concerned who extended cooperation in the travel and stay of the visiting Pakistani pilgrims. The High Commissioner highlighted the role of religious tourism and people-to-people interaction in promoting relations between Pakistan and India.