Pak HC calls for result-oriented dialogue

Pakistan high commissioner Sohail Mahmood Tuesday underscored the significance in bilateral ties of sustained engagement, a result-oriented dialogue process, resolution of outstanding disputes, enhanced regional cooperation and “collective endeavours for shared prosperity”. In an interaction with a delegation of students from Pune’s MIT School of Government, Mahmood called for more exchanges between intellectuals, academics, artists and sportsmen of the two countries. On the Kartarpur Initiative, he expressed hope that it would be instrumental in further “facilitating and fortifying” people-to-people bonds. “Commenting on the historical evolution of Pakistan-India relations, the High Commissioner stressed the importance of changing the conflictual pattern of the past to a cooperative pattern in the future. In this context,” said Pakistan high commission in a statement. Mahmood, it said, particularly stressed the role that the youth in India and Pakistan could play in transforming the quality of bilateral relations. He urged them to be the ‘ambassadors of Pakistan-India peace’ as they go forth in life and pursue their professional careers in diverse fields. Mahmood stated that the media could also play a constructive role in the creation of a conducive atmosphere by helping to break the stereotypes, remove misperceptions, and increase mutual