PMSA delegation of Pakistan successful visit to India

HIGH COMMISSION FOR PAKISTAN NEW DELHI *** Date: 31st May 2018 PMSA Delegation concludes successful visit to India The Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) delegation has concluded a successful visit to India. The delegation was led by PMSA’s Director General, Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman. The delegation had official talks with the Indian Coast Guard (ICG), led by its Director General Rajendra Singh. Both sides held the ‘High Level Meeting’ (HLM) on 28 May 2018. The proceedings were marked by cordiality. The last meeting between the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and Indian Coast Guard was held in Islamabad in July 2016. During the delegation’s stay in New Delhi, Director-General Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman also visited the Pakistan High Commission. Speaking on the occasion, High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood welcomed the re-activation of the PMSA-ICG dialogue and underlined that it would contribute to the efforts underway for continuous and optimal utilization of the existing tracks of bilateral cooperation. High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood also hoped that this fruitful interaction between the two institutions would inter alia help alleviate sufferings of the fishermen, particularly those who cross IMBL inadvertently; strengthen mutual collaboration in search-and-rescue (SAR); and foster enhanced cooperation between the two sides with regard to response to pollution and natural calamities. * * *